During the hunting period, snakes are prevalent throughout various states. Their venom kills and maims people. I’m sure you don’t want to face the effects of these harmful reptiles, which is why you are on the lookout for the best ways to keep yourself safe while hunting. Snake boots and snake chaps are your direct go-to options. But which is better? Here’s a full comparison of snake boots vs snake chaps.

Snake encounter without snake boots or snake chaps

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Snake boots have a harder outer layer to deter snake fangs from penetrating them. They are ideal for protecting your feet from rattlers and copperheads.

Snake chaps have a super tight weave that makes them impenetrable to snake bites and thorns yet flexible enough to move. 

Snake chaps are best for armoring your legs, as they protect knee to ankle. You can also add snake gaiters to your outdoor gear. 

Snake gaiters, or trail gaiters, protect your feet with an integrated gaiter design. They cover the tops of your footwear. Their sturdy construction and adjustable elastic straps allow you to withstand hazardous environments. They serve the same purpose as snake boots and snake chaps.

Eager to know more? This article digs deep into these protection methods, and more so, compares snake boots and chaps. Ready? Let’s dive in. 

Snake Protection

Snake Boots

Whether in the desert, in the jungle, or anywhere else that snakes and other reptiles hide, it’s always advisable to wear snake boots. They protect your feet and lower legs from snake bites. Their rigid and impermeable nature makes them resist snake bites.

Typically, you can’t always predict where a snake will strike. With snake boots, you can protect yourself from those needle-like fangs.

They are made from tough leather fitted with the best venom neutralizers. They are truly your last line of defense against a lethal bite. 

Snake Gaiters

Snake gaiters are an attachment for your boots, designed to protect you against snakes while hunting. Gaiters protect from venomous snakes, chiggers, ticks, thorns, and other hazards.

They are ideal for a quick and easy cover from your ankle to knee. Snake gaiters are constructed from the most durable materials around. Therefore, they don’t lose flexibility easily. 

They’re also easy to use.

Snake Chaps

Whether you're traveling through the backcountry for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, constant vigilance is key to protection. 

Snake chaps will keep you protected on all of your hikes and camping trips, both spring and summer. They are specially designed for avid outdoor enthusiasts, as they are light and protect your entire leg from the ankles to the thighs. 

They are breathable, durable, and machine washable. Snake chaps and snake gaiters only cover limited leg parts. They do not provide complete leg protection. 

They may leave some parts exposed, including the top of the foot, where a rattlesnake will often bite. However, even though they cover your legs and some part of the feet, you will still need to take precautions while walking in bushy areas.

You should also note that only ankle-to-thigh chaps protect your entire leg up to the thighs.


The inverse relationship between snake protection and comfort is also true. The more comfortable equipment is, the less protection it offers, and vice versa.

For any amount of protection, you can get more comfort by trading away some protection (leather boots, thick jeans). 

Warmth and Breathability

Warmth and breathability are two of the most important factors to consider in snake protection. This is because they are integral to your comfort level while you’re out hunting. If you have neither of these, it becomes very exhausting and uncomfortable.

With snake boots, you could experience a significant amount of sweat. This makes it very uncomfortable to walk a whole day. It also increases the chance of attack by blisters on your feet.

With snake gaiters, you can easily take them off without having to squat. This makes them comfortable for use over long distances.

Wearing breathable boots with gaiters or chaps makes the heat more bearable. You can also be sure that snakes cannot touch your skin or slither beneath your boots. 

These breathable shoes are good not only for your comfort but also well ventilated. They have tiny holes to allow in fresh air while walking. 

Weight and Flexibility

Snake boots are heavy. Heavy doesn’t always mean bad, but it can become tiresome when you wear them up hills and down. This is especially true if you are carrying a backpack at the same time.

With the unique flexibility of snake chaps and gaiters, you can move more freely on your hike, twist and turn more easily through the brush. Snake chaps are made with thinner, lighter leather than snake boots. 

However, despite snake chaps and gaiters' advantages over snake boots, some people find them uncomfortable to wear. They claim they are tall and bulky.

Traction and Ankle Support

The only option for hunters who spend a lot of time on rough terrain is to use a pair of good-quality conventional hunting boots. 

What makes these conventional boots different from other boots on the market is their sole. This sole offers excellent grip on any terrain and will not wear out easily like ordinary boots.

The high-quality mid-sole also provides more stiffness than snake boots. It is perfect for those who require more ankle stability and stiffness versus flexibility and movement.

Other Factors That May Affect Choice

If you are in the market for snake boots, you’ll realize they are quite expensive. If you already have some decent early-season boots with good treads, you can buy snake chaps or gaiters for less than half the cost of the boots.

Snake chaps and gaiters are an economical way to protect you from snake bites. Although they don't give you the same level of protection as boots, they are an excellent bargain.

If you often go to snake-infested areas, snake boots are for you. Snake boots are excellent when you don't want to worry about what you step on or accidentally step in.


They will probably last longer than chaps or gaiters. However, this protection comes at the cost of comfort. Snake chaps and gaiters are preferable when not hunting in highly snake-infested countries.

Chaps are worn as an extra layer to keep you warm and dry, as well as snake protection. Hotter chaps come with zippers to help cool your legs off if they overheat. 

Chaps are good at protecting your legs from brush or any low-hanging branches or dew. Gaiters are great for keeping snakes, leeches, and other debris out of your boots! 


There is an extensive selection of snake bite prevention equipment to protect you. Buying the correct snake protection is a compromise between comfort and protection. 

Those that hunt less often are much less likely to come across snakes. Here, chaps or gaiters are more suitable. In addition, they work very well, busting through brush and keeping dew off your lower parts.

Whether you're wading through a tough marsh or a tough desert, snake boots will protect you from many forest-related catastrophes. 

However, it all depends on your taste and preference. Whether you like boots or chaps, each ensures your safety.

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