The Spot Hogg Grinder bow sight has been created for the hunter who is after a completely reliable, no-frills multi-pin fixed pin sight that can be set once and then relied upon to be locked on to the chosen distances.

The sight will suit hunters of all levels of experience and could well become the only bow sight you will ever need.

Spot Hogg Grinder At A Glance


.010, .019, .029


3 pins, 5 pins, 7 pins


MRT Pin Guard

Precision Level


Gang Adjust


Micro Gang Adjust


Micro Pin Adjust



Hard Mount


7.8 oz


5 inches

This is a bow sight that has been created as a no-frills bog-standard bow hunting sight. But it is far more than that thanks to the features such as the aluminum construction, the MRT and the micro and gang adjustments.

The fact that it is a Spot Hogg and made in the USA is simply icing on the cake.

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Pin Options

The Grinder is available as a 3-pin, 5-pin or 7-pin fixed pin sight and you have a choice of 3 wrapped fiber sizes: .010”, .019” or .029”.

Solid Housing Construction

The sight is a compact design that is constructed solidly from 6061 aluminum so that it will be capable of withstanding the worst of conditions.

MRT Technology

It includes MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) which has been designed by Spot Hogg to provide superior peep to sight alignment in any light conditions. This is an interchangeable system of three rings of various sizes.

MRT will be able to more precisely center the housing to help achieve greater accuracy no matter whether shooting in full daylight or from a darkened blind.

It is also able to accept a lens with the threading built in so that the lens kit can be added without the need for an adapter.


There is the option of purchasing the sight either with or without Gang Micro Adjustments. This makes it suitable to whichever way you like to set your pins, either all pins simultaneously or as single adjustments.

Light and Compact

Weighing only 7.8 ounces the Grinder is the lightest bow sight in the Spot Hogg range and it is also the most compact measuring only 5 inches.

Why People Want the Grinder

  • Hunters see this as a versatile hunting bow sight with pins that are perfectly bright in all lighting conditions.
  • Many people aren’t interested in all of the bells and whistles that are added to other sights that also bump the cost up. Instead it is a solid hunting sight that gives you the features that are absolutely necessary for getting results.
  • The fact that the sight does not have 2nd or 3rd axis adjustment will only be an issue if you are planning to shoot over long distances or on sloped terrain.
  • The compact nature and relatively light weight makes this an attractive sight…particularly because it is particularly solid and will withstand all types of abuse in the field.


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