The Tommy Hogg has long been a mainstay of the Spot Hogg stable. It is a durable, hard-working hunting bow sight that is available as a single pin, double pin, 3-pin, 5-pin or 7-pin sight.

The versatility of the quick adjustment and clean sight picture of the single pin or the options that are available in the multi-pin versions have made it the type of reliable sight that suits a wide range of hunters.

Tommy Hogg At A Glance


.010, .019, .029


Single, double, 3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin


MRT Pin Guard

Precision Level


Gang Adjust


Micro Gang Adjust


Micro Pin Adjust



Hard Mount


11.5 oz


6 inches

The single pin also offers a wider vertical travel range than its competitors as well as simple use with quick and easy adjustment. This makes it one of the leaders in the field of single pin slider sights.

The sight is ideal for hunters who are looking to maintain a lightweight bow but have the ability to accurately target prey over longer distances.


The sight is a great hunting sight that is quick to dial in. It is also suitable for use of the competition course. In either situation the distances can be set using the bull knob and the laser engraved sight scale for optimal accuracy.


The fact that the sight is available in a range of pin options ensures that all preferences are covered within the Tommy Hogg Realm.

Choose from the single pin, the new double pin, 3-pin, 5-pin or 7-pin configurations.

Three different pin fiber sizes are also available. Choose from .010”, .019” or .029”.

The new double pin option has become popular giving you the clean sight picture that you get from the single pin but adding a small level of versatility that comes with multiple pins. It should be noted that the second pin of the double pin option is not adjustable.


The toughness and durability of the Tommy Hogg housing is one of the key selling points of the sight. Like other sights in the Spot Hogg range it is built from solid 6061 Aluminum and will withstand all types of abuse.

The housing is also very effective at protecting the pin fibers seated within.

Adjustment Options

The sight features both a large yardage knob that makes adjustments on the fly super simple. The horizontal and vertical adjustments may be made to what is considered a coarse level.

It is then possible to micro adjust the 2nd and 3rd axis using the no tool windage and elevation adjustment options.

The easy to read indicator pin makes it very simple to adjust the pins to get the distance you need in conjunction with the supplied sight tapes.


The mount consists of three sets of mounting holes which gives you the chance to customize how far the sight extends from the riser. This gives you the ability to enable greater long distance accuracy by optimizing the peep to pin guard alignment.

Why People Want the Tommy Hogg

  • The adjustments are easy and intuitive and the fine adjustments are very fine and very consistent, making just about any shooter shoot like a pro.
  • It's built tough, and the internal gears are very smooth and tight with absolutely no visible play, making your range adjustments perfect and consistent every time. That's the main difference between this sight and other single pin sights.
  • When dialing in the distance after using a rangefinder it is always spot on.
  • Although the sight may be considered heavy it is well balanced and it doesn’t throw the feel of the bow off at all. In fact, it could be seen as a vibration dampener.
  • The sight is easy to install and dial in. The instructions and tapes are easy to understand and use.

Summing Up

There is little doubt that the Tommy Hogg will answer all of the needs of all levels of bow hunter. Sure, at 11.5 ounces it is a little on the heavy side but this is countered by the fact that it is very well balanced and will provide valuable sound absorption.

It is simple to use, can be quickly and easily adjusted and has been proven to be particularly durable.

The single pin model has been considered one of the leading single pin slider sights on the market today.

No matter whether you are shooting over short or longer distances the Tommy Hogg will provide you with the type of accuracy and reliability that is difficult to beat.


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