The Summit rsx Hawk Hang-On Treestand is a lightweight stand that uses a fast method of attachment system in the form of Summit’s Talon Bracket System. This method of mounting the treestand should have it up and ready to use within around 30 seconds.

The rsxHawk is part of the Raptor Series of treestands (along with the rsxOsprey and rsxEagle) and, as such, features Summit’s Single Cable Spreader design. This design is a support system that operates on the platform of the treestand. A self-leveling cable is paired with a spreader bar which is located below the seat. More about this system can be found in the Stand Platform section of this review.

Noise Suppression

The means by which the stand is kept quiet is through the precision-welded aluminum construction which uses a process of noise minimization called its SummitLokt construction. This process locks the stand pieces into place before welding.

Stand Platform

The platform is supported by Summit’s Single Cable Spreader design which is a unique design that helps to increase the usable space on the platform. The design replaces the “V” design that is used by the majority of treestands that use the traditional two cable suspension system. This type of single cable system also allows more precise adjustments to be made to the platform when attempting to make it sit level. It works by moving a nocking clip up or down a notch and then the single cable slides through the spreader bar to automatically level the platform.

The platform size is quite large measuring 33 inches long x 20 inches wide.

Stand Seat

The seat is relatively wide when compared to other similar types of hang-on treestands. It is 3” thick giving you plenty of padding and it has been made with waterproof RSX foam to maximize its comfort. When it comes time to stand and make your shot the seat can be lifted up so that it sits flush with the trunk of the tree to give additional room on the platform.

The treestand is rated to accept up to 300 pounds which should easily accommodate the hunter and a good deal of gear.

Specs At A Glance

Stand Weight: 13.5 lbs.
Construction: Precision-welded Aluminum
Tree Size: 8-20"
Seat Height: 22"
Seat Size: 18" by 10"
Platform Area: 33" by 20"
Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

The rsxHawk treestand is one of the lighter hang-on stands produced by Summit and it is chiefly designed for its portability and quick set up functionality. The frame folds up to a compact size so that it can be carried from one location to the next.

As with all tree stands safety is an important factor and the safety accessories that come with the rsxHawk are top quality. The stand has been tested to TMA standards and comes with a full-body harness with Suspension Relief System (SRS).

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