The Titan SD Climbing Tree Stand from Summit Treestands is distinctive within the range because it is the largest climbing tree stand offered by the company. This is a tree stand that gives you the freedom of hunt locations thanks to the fact that the stand can be positioned without the need for steps or a ladder. It has also given the hunter the luxury of additional space with an additional 2” of climber width and length compared to the Viper which shares a similar shape. The SD (Sound Deadening) 6 channel aluminum platform is also roomier with an additional 1” of width and 2” of length.

This climbing tree stand has been designed to accommodate the larger body shape with a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs. The extra seat size and platform means that even when encumbered by gear and bulky clothing there is going to be plenty of room to move. The seat is padded for additional comfort and adjusts up and down allowing standing and seated shooting.

Noise minimization has been built into the stand thanks to the Dead Metal Sound Deadening SD Technology used in the construction of the platform. The way in which this sound deadening technology works is through the filling of critical parts of the platform with custom engineered expanding foam which reduces noise caused by movement on the platform.

This is a particularly stable climber with a simple Quickdraw cable system that allows for climbing that is quick and quiet. The stand itself has a wide open front for a complete field of vision that will allow plenty of room for movement that won't be impeded when taking your shot.

Included with the unit is a full-body safety harness. This 4-point safety harness provides you with the type of safety feature that will ensure complete security when in place high above the ground. The stand itself comes with a green utility strap and an umbilical rope as well as RapidClimb stirrups to ensure that it will be securely attached to the tree.

Because of the additional size that has been built into the design of the Titan there is also additional weight to contend with. This is not going to be the light as a feather type of tree stand that you will get from other Summit climbing tree stands such as the Specialist SD but it makes up for that with sturdy comfort.

Specs At A Glance

Stand Weight: 25 lbs.
Construction: Aluminum
Tree Size: 8" - 20" diameter
Seat Height: Adjustable
Seat Size: 18" by 12"
Platform Area: 30-3/4" by 21"
Weight Limit: 350 lbs.

Of course, this is a tree stand that will help you climb into place and so, once you have found a suitable tree that has a smooth trunk of consistent diameter, you can quickly assemble it as you prepare to get into position. To aid in the process of climbing the stand up the tree the stand comes with RapidClimb Stirrups as well as 2 QuickDraw coated steel climbing cables. Before commencing the process of moving the stand up the tree it is very important that the full-body safety harness has been properly fitted and is securely attached. The climbing process is a very simple one thanks to the superior construction and design.

There is no problem with the comfort factor of the sling seat with many who have sat in it for hours on end reporting that the experience was extremely comfortable and supportive. The dimensions of 18" long x 12" wide gives your behind plenty of surface area to perch. The platform measures 28-3/4” x 19.50” which allows for plenty of room to comfortably stand and with the 5 channel frame it will feel comfortably sufficient when sitting and waiting.

Should the seat of your Titan ever begin to wear out or show signs of becoming uncomfortable due to the amount of use it has had, it is possible to buy a replacement seat at a fraction of the cost of a new tree stand. The product you should look for is the Summit Universal Tree Stand Seat. For a seat with even greater options including storage and warmth capabilities you might consider buying the Surround Tree Stand Seat as a replacement.

This stand has been fully tested to TMA standards and the maximum weight capacity of this treestand is 350 lbs.

It's possible that you are more interested in saving weight when you take a tree stand out into the field so we have also help to find the lightest climbing stand available too.

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