Whether you’re sitting in your ground blind or have got yourself set up in a covered surrounding, you want the maximum range of movement possible and you need it to be silent. The wait could be long so you'll also want to remain comfortable. A good quality swivel hunting chair is going to keep you ready and alert and loose for the shot making the chances of shooting more accurately far greater.

There are numerous comfortable hunting chairs on the market that do a very good job of fitting neatly inside your ground blind. They offer the perfect type of seat at a reasonable price.

But when you are in the blind there are at least 4 different directions you’re going to want to be able to quickly turn. At a minimum!

The best and most obvious way to operate is from a chair that swivels. And that’s why there is a selection of quality swivel hunting chairs made specifically for use in the ground blind.

Based on customer reviews, ratings and responses we have been able to single out the chair that the majority of hunters believe is the best swivel hunting chair. To take it a step further, that also means that these also contain the best ground blind chair among them.

Best Swivel Hunting Chair

The Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair is compact and light and hits each of the features that good chairs should have. It is highly adjustable with independently changeable legs and is comfortable with a high-density foam seat and includes a carry strap to help putting it into position.

Swivel Hunting Chair Features

Apart from the basic function of swiveling, either all the way around or partway, there are a few other things to look for when buying one. Try to find a hunting chair that has at least some of the following features:

  • Smooth swivelling rotation

  • Silent operation

  • A comfortable padded seat

  • Good back support

  • Arms that are a reasonable distance apart

  • Some storage pockets in and around the chair

  • Legs that can be adjusted for uneven terrain

  • Foldable for easy carrying

  • Light weight

The list of chairs provided below gives you a chance to quickly compare the different swiveling chairs on offer at the moment. The basic specifications provided in this table allow you to narrow down your selection significantly.

A few words on the table that has been put together below.

The dimensions have been supplied based on those that were quoted by each manufacturer. In some cases the height measures the entire chair including back rest, while other manufacturers tend to simple quote the height of the back rest itself.

The quoted price that is the Manufacturers Recommended Selling Price. In most cases it will be possible to find each chair at a discounted price.

Comparison List of Swivel Hunting Chairs

Make / Model




23" W
35" H



16.5" W
35.5" H



20" W
18" H



18" W
37" H



18" W
37" H



18" W
19" H



16.5" W
35.8" H



16" W
11" L






20" W
37" H



18" W
37" H



16" W
36" H






Now that you have seen the basic details of each chair, it is time to dive a little deeper and examine each model more closely. A more detailed review of each of the list of hunting chairs that swivel has been provided below.

Swivel Hunting Chairs For Sale

Use this detailed analysis to help with your decision making process. A brief description of the main features of each chair have been provided below and if you are interested in one you can click through to get even more information about each product.

Chama All-Terrain Swivel Hunting Chair

There are a lot of positive features that have been highlighted about this chair from both the manufacturer as well as a lot of satisfied customers.

The chair is a lightweight swivel chair that is capable of spinning smoothly through 360 degrees. It does so on a self-lubricating hub system that not only provides smooth action but does so in complete silence. When you are in the middle of panning and shooting you will be able to do so smoothly when sitting in this chair.

Reports from hunters who have sat in the chair for 8 hour + stints have stated that it is a particularly comfortable chair. The legs can be extended and retracted to a variety of heights independently to each other to ensure the chair sits level no matter how uneven the ground. The legs can be locked into place and the feet are broad and flat to provide a steady base.

When you buy the chair, it comes with a durable travel bag that helps with easy storage. The fabric surfaces are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating as well as a UV treatment.

The chair is rated to carry up to 300 lbs and the seat height is adjustable from between 20-23" off the ground. 

Guide Gear 360 Degree Swivel Blind Chair

No matter which side of the blind you need to be focused on, this chair can smoothly and silently swivel to face it.

Long hours of waiting have been catered for by the DuraMesh fabric that promises to be breathable and provide good support. The back rest has been given some extra neoprene padding. Also featured are padded armrests to ensure the long weight is made as easy as possible.

A stable base is provided for with the widely set legs that have broad foot pads that won’t sink straight into the ground. The legs also fold up so that the chair lies flat making it easier to carry around and less bulky to store.

The chair only weighs 14 and has been constructed to last for years.

Millennium Treestands G100 Hunting Chair

This is a comfortable ground blind chair that has been made by treestand specialists and the result is a quality chair that offers plenty of silent movement within a ground blind.

The frame is constructed from aluminum and the seat fabric is the ComfortMax material that is used in the popular treestand seats. It has been pre-drilled so that it can accept the Millennium shooting rest if you wish to add on to it.

It features 360 degrees of swivel and has adjustable legs to compensate for sloping ground. It also folds down into a compact size and weighs only 7.5 lbs making it extremely portable as well. Although it is light in weight it is also very sturdy and has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs.

The size of the seat measures 20 inches wide by 17 inches deep and the height of the seat can be adjusted from between 13 inches to 18 inches high.

This is a ground blind seat that is designed to offer the comfort that will allow for hours of continuous use.

ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

This is a hunting blind chair that has been designed to give the hunter a particularly sturdy chair to sit in that will be perfectly stable no matter what the conditions. The four leg design has improved on the previous three leg model and the wide foot pads means that they won’t sink into the ground.

All four legs can be independently adjusted so it won’t matter how sloping the ground is, the chair can be set up to be level.

The comfort of the hunter has also been taken into consideration with durable TechMesh material providing a firm sling seat. The addition of the backrest that is covered by the same comfortable mesh continues the comfort features.

The height of the chair is adjustable up and down and it swivels soundlessly through the full 360 degrees. It weighs a little more than some other comparable chairs but it folds down for easier carrying and storage.

ALPS Outdoorz Roost Chair

The Roost chair appears to be very similar in design to the company’s Stealth with a couple of minor differences. The first is the color of the chair which is only available inblack. The second is the front mesh pocket that keeps small accessories close at hand.

The seat itself is made the durable TechMesh material that offers nice comfort while not adding significant weight. It’s dimensions measure 18” wide x 14” deep and the seat height can be adjusted from between 17.5” and 23”.

The frame is a powder coated steel for added strength and security. The full 360 degrees of swivel is possible and it is done silently.

Also adjustable are the feet which can be moved independently to each other so it can be set up to compensate for uneven ground. The feet of the chair are oversized for greater stability and less chance of sinking into the ground.

It folds down and can be secured be a compression strap and comes with a shoulder strap to make carrying it easy.

Bolderton 360 Comfort Hunting Blind Chair

Comfort is the aim of the game with the Bolderton 360 and this is provided by the added padding on the back and the seat. It also has armrests to ensure that any lengthy waits will be done with your arms supported to avoid fatigue. The arms can be folded out of the way in preparation for the shot.

The chair swivels through 360 degrees giving you access to all sides and it does so silently on nylon bushings. The dimensions of the seat area are 18” x 16”.

The feet of the chair are oversized so the change of sinking into the ground is reduced. Portability is an important factor and this has been handled by the fact that it folds down and can be disassembled into two pieces making it easier to travel with and to store when not in use.

Although the chair is rated to take a weight of up to 300 lbs there have been reports of breakage when used by people weighing over 225 lbs.

Cabela’s Comfort Max 360 Degree Mag Elite Blind Chair

This chair has been designed specifically for the Cabela’s store so you know it is a hunting product that has been created to meet the needs of the hunter.

The fabric of the chair is a Dura Mesh fabric that is a breathable fabric that is also slightly springy so it will provide support to the back. The frame is made from heavy duty steel tubing for a sturdy support base.

The swivel mechanism of the chair is nice and smooth to ensure that it turns through 360 degrees in complete silence.

The chair also features splayed feet that have been made extra broad so they don’t sink into soft ground.

The chair folds down flat and there are straps that can be wrapped around the folded legs to keep them firmly in place.

Benchmaster Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

This is another seat that has been designed to give the shooter a combination of quick and silent movability as well as comfort during the slow times.

The seat size provides plenty of room measuring 16 x 11 inches and it comes with arm rests and a foam back to ensure you are sitting comfortably. But the comfort doesn’t stop there because the back of this chair can also recline by up to 50 degrees.

They have given some thought to the bow hunters with the arm rests able to be removed to allow for a full range of necessary movement.

A significant feature of the chair – and it isn’t noticeable to look at it – but the legs are multi-position capable so they can be altered so that the seat is level on uneven terrain.

The rotation mechanism allows the seat to revolve through a full 360 degrees and it does so smoothly and in complete silence.

Muddy Swivel-Ease Ground Seat

Muddy are probably better known for their range of treestands but the company is also responsible for a good quality hunting chair that swivels through 360 degrees.

The chair is reasonably lightweight at 15 lbs but it has been designed to be comfortable. It features Flex-Tek material for the seat and backrest which is springy and receptive.

It has a wide base that gives it added stability, however the feet have not been broadened to cater for a soft or uneven surface.

It all folds down into a compact flat shape to make it easy to carry and it also comes with a removable carry strap.

Hunt Comfort Multi Position Mesh Swivel Chair

The mesh swivel chair from Hunt Comfort is made from lightweight materials and is able to swivel through a full 360 degrees. The chair is designed for use either inside or outside of a blind.

The chair can be folded up to a very compact size and is extremely light so it won’t be terribly tough to carry to and from your hunting spot. The mesh seat and back not only helps to keep the weight of the chair down but it also provides comfort and aeration qualities.

 As well as sitting on legs, the chair can easily be converted to a second height position that changes it to a ground hunting chair. This makes it suitable for turkey and duck hunting as well as big game.

Browning Shadow Hunter X Swivel Ground Blind Chair

Form and function are the two key components of this chair. Comfort is a big issue and the design of the backrest has been done with comfort at the forefront. For starters the chair is made from a durable TechMesh material which is receptive to the body.

Stability and being able to stay on a level plane is made possible by adjustable legs. It is possible to independently change the length of each leg so that uneven terrain won’t be a problem. The feet are splayed wide to cover a larger area so they don’t sink into the ground.

It is also possible to adjust the height of the seat so no matter how high the blind windows are you will be able to get a clear view.

There are no arms on the chair but it swivels smoothly through 360 degrees.

Banded Gear Swivel Blind Chair

This is a slightly more substantial swivel chair compared to some of the others available. The seat and back rest cushions are quite thick measuring 3 inches and 2.5 inches respectively.

The material covering the cushions is a heavy duty polyester that will provide plenty of durability.

The dimensions of the seated area are reasonably generous, measuring 14 inches wide while the back rest is 15 inches high. The height of the seat from the ground is 17 inches.

When it is not in use the chair can be neatly folded away for easy storage.

Redneck Folding Swivel Hunting Chair

This is a hunting seat that has been designed specifically for the task at hand.

This seat swivels through 180 degrees (compared to the 360 degree swivel of other chairs) and the height can be adjusted from a low of 17 inches from the ground to 18.5 inches.

The way the seat swivels is independent to the back to ensure there is no possibility of bumping into nearby objects when in the blind.

Uneven ground is considered with the design of the legs which can be adjusted in height independently. The legs also finish with flat bottoms to make them as stable as possible.

The chair can be collapsed quickly and can be carried with the aid of a heavy duty nylon carry strap.

Tend Towards A Portable Hunting Chair

A feature of these chairs that is also very important is its portability. Not only the weight of the chair but its ability to be folded up flat and carried comfortably are both going to be factors that should be considered carefully.

The weight that you’re capable of lugging around has a limit. When you include your pack, your weapons and any other pieces of equipment that you consider essential, you’re potentially carrying a heck of a lot of weight around.

Look for hunting chairs that provide you with the support and comfort that you need but also keep in mind how much it weighs. If you have a chance, you should also test out how compact it can be folded down to.

Should My Blind Chair Be Lightweight?

The weight of your hunting chair, as with just about all of your equipment, is an important factor to consider. This is especially the case if you are going to be carrying it all in over a reasonable distance to your hunting site.

When you are looking at the lightest blind chairs available that can also swivel, you need to assess their comfort as well as how sturdy they will prove to be. Buying a flimsy hunting chair that collapses midway through the first day is not going to result in a pleasant hunting trip!

The list of top lightweight swivel hunting chairs is:

  1. Millennium G100 Hunting Chair - not only is it the lightest chair on the list it is also particularly comfortable and can also be adapted to include a shooting rest
  2. Browning Shadow Hunter X Swivel - as well as being one of the lighter chairs, this Browning model has the advantage of providing adjustable legs to account for uneven ground plus the TechMesh material makes it particularly comfortable
  3. Guide Gear 360 Degree Swivel Chair - weighing in at 14 lbs puts it towards the top of the lightness scale. The fact that it can swivel through 360 degrees indicates that it is one of the more functional chairs in the list

The Importance of Comfort in A Ground Blind Chair

When we look at the different types of swivel hunting chairs that would be suitable for use in a ground blind, what we’re actually trying to find is the most comfortable type of ground blind chair that is also functional.

A hunting blind chair that also swivels is a great asset, but it is only one part of the deal that makes up a serviceable chair.

Considering the fact that you’re going to be spending quite a few hours sitting in your ground blind and, ideally, you will be moving as little as possible, it is imperative that the hunting chair you use is particularly comfortable. Part of this will require a swivel hunting chair with backrest. Being able to recline and get some back support will ensure that you are loose and ready for action with no aches or pains in the back.

Some chairs feature padded cushioned seats (such as the Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair) and others use a mesh fabric sling style (like the Guide Gear 360 Degree Swivel Chair).

The search for the most comfortable hunting chair will come down to a combination of softness and support that will keep your body feeling fresh and ready to go while also creating an underlying feeling of relaxation.

If you can’t get a chair that swivels you should at least look for one that is fully adjustable. This means the height can be adjusted higher or lower, the legs can be adjusted to adapt to uneven ground. Some hunting chairs even offer an adjustable lumbar support for the back.

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