It is standard to see target archers sporting long stabilizers to quiet the pin on the target. It is also not surprising that hunters are hesitant to put an overly long stabilizer on their bows.

Bow hunters unsure what length stabilizer they should be using will appreciate the opportunity to use one they can adjust to their exact specifications.

This is where the introduction of telescopic stabilizers and, more specifically, Crossover Stabilizers provides hunters with the luxury of versatility.

Benefits of Telescopic Stabilizers

There are a number of reasons why serious consideration should be given to buying a telescopic stabilizer.

Once the stabilizer has been mounted onto the bow it can be transported in its shorter configuration until reaching the hunting destination. Then, when setting up to take the shot, the hunter can quickly change the length to get the best possible stabilization for that particular shot.

They’re lightweight and solidly constructed. Most importantly, they are very effective at providing stability for longer shots. In other words, they perform exactly how a bow stabilizer should perform.

As well as the ability to telescope out, they come with 3 1-inch weights that you can add to the stabilizer if additional weight is required.

The thing to remember is the longer the stabilizer, the less weight is required for it to be effective.

The Crossover Stabilizer Range

The range consists of 3 stabilizer length combinations with a couple of models to choose from.

The three types are 8 to 21 inches, 10 to 17 inches and 12 to 33 inches.

The most popular of these tends to be the 8 to 21 inch version. Unextended it is only 8 inches in length but can be extended out to 21 inches which is possibly a little longer than most hunters require but will certainly provide a great deal of stability at the shot.

We’ll provide a little more detail about the construction of these stabilizers.

They are made from uni-directional carbon fiber tubes and this is a material that have a great strength to weight ratio.

And even when extended to its maximum length, the stabilizer is nice and stiff.

The stabilizer extends by twisting a lockable knuckle, pulling out the next section to the desired length and then twisting tight to lock it back in place.

The sections of the stabilizers have internal stops to prevent them from sliding out. They lock with a simple twist and this also prevents them from coming loose or rattling through the action of the bow.

The other point to note is the length change process of the stabilizer is silent.

As mentioned, the range consists of 2 models, the second of these is the Crossover X Stabilizer. It differs from the original version through colored knuckles that match the weight colors.

Speaking of colors, both the Crossover and Crossover X are available in a choice of 9 colors.

Visit the Crossover Stabilizers website to browse all telescopic stabilizers in the range along with additional accessories.

Potential Issue

There only seems to be a single issue connected to the Crossover telescoping stabilizer and that involves the impact point.

Some people have suggested that their impact point changed marginally when they moved the stabilizer in and out.

It should be pointed out that the difference is only marginal and only one or two hunters have mentioned this as a problem. Others have asserted that they’ve noticed no difference when changing the stabilizer length.


It is a little surprising that there’s not more buzz about the telescopic stabilizer.

It functions perfectly well as a stabilizer, even if you never extend it beyond its shortest length. The fact that you can also increase the length to provide additional stability is an enormous advantage.

At around $120-$150 the prices of the stabilizers stack up very well when compared to the competition. And the fact is, you’re actually buying multiple stabilizers all rolled into a single unit.

There is very little downside to using one of these stabilizers out in the field for your next hunting trip.

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