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What features are important in a soft bow case?

This is a question that may influence which bow case you buy. But for many of us, knowing what to look for in a bow case may be a difficult one to define.

As long as it provides good protection for your bow, that your bow fits properly in the case and that it has a reasonable amount of storage space for arrows and other small accessories, that's all that is required.

Companies are continually striving to improve their products.

With a fast-moving industry such as the compound bow market, there is a need to continue to evolve to provide the best possible protection for the newest innovations.

That's why we have attempted to include as many of the new compound bow soft cases for 2021 as we can.

Our List of the Best Soft Compound Bow Cases

The list below has weighed up 15 popular soft bow cases as judged by averaging out the customer ratings. Price is not taken into account with the reasoning being that customer satisfaction will determine whether the case is good value for money.

Following the comparison listing of the bows is a more detailed overview of each case that should provide you with additional information to help decide which one will best suit your needs.

Make / Model




45.5 x 5 x 16

Black / Green
Black / Orange
Black / Blue
Black / Red
Red / Realtree
Orange / Realtree
Green / Realtree


46 x 6 x 18

Black & Red


43 x 6 x 16



41 x 7 x 20

Black & Blue


36 x 9 x 15
39 x 9 x 15



43 x 5 x 18



39 x 6.88 x 17.25

Black & Yellow Trim


43 x 4 x 18

Khaki & Camo


41 x 6 x 19

Black & Red


40 x 5.8 x 16

Tan / Black


45 x 8 x 17.5



42 x 5.8 x 17.5

Grey / Black


41 x 4 x 17

Urban Camo


36 x 18 x 7

Pink / Camo


37 x 6 x 15.75

AP Camo & Black


Padding Protection

When it comes to the range of soft bow cases on the market, the difference is going to come down to the level of padding protection that is provided by each one along with how streamlined it will be when it contains the bow, how well the handles stand up to constant use and the reliability of the zippers.

On the whole, most of the standard bow cases are going to do a reasonably good job at protecting your bow. The upper end of the price range is going to go the extra yard in ensuring that the padded bow case is not overly bulky but will still provide plenty of protection as well as organized storage areas in the form of pockets and sectional spaces.

Bow Case Size

One important thing to remember is that, just as compound bows come in a range of sizes, so too do the cases that can be purchased to protect them. If you use a short axle-to-axle bow you aren't going to need one of the largest bow cases available because the bow could potentially move around inside.

It's even more important that your bow case is large enough to house your bow. Take a look at the bow case dimensions that are listed below to get a good starting point when deciding which one will be most suitable.

Description of Soft Bow Cases

Now that we have had a chance to check out the various makes and models of soft bow cases in a side by side comparison we will take a more detailed look at each one. Below is a short review of each release along with product specifications and listed features. Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

Legend Archery Superline Bow Case Backpack 

One of the newer kids on the archery bow case block is the Legend Archery soft bow case and it has shown just how good a compound bow soft case can be. It provides a great deal of protection for the bow thanks to the thick padding and compartmentalized storage zones and it also offers lots of room in added pockets for accessories.

The case measures 45.5” x 16” x 5”, large enough to fit most of the compound bows that are made today. It is also equipped with oversize zippers that are easy to grip and use. The zips are also waterproof so that your equipment is going to stay dry in all adverse weather conditions.

As well as offering you comfortable handles with which to carry the case, you can also sling it over the shoulder using the supplied shoulder strap. This will remain a very comfortable bow case to carry no matter whether it only contains a bow or has also been loaded up with all of your extras (releases, broadheads, nocks, strings, etc.).

The Legend bow case is a tremendous piece of equipment that is perfect for protecting your compound bow through as many hunting trips as you are prepared to take. It also comes in an array of different colors to suit all styles and tastes.

Find out more about the Legend bow case along with all of the other products made by the company by visiting the Legend Archery website.

SKB Field-Tek Deluxe Bow Case

The luxurious looking fabric that covers the exterior of this bow case has a waterproof coating making it an even more protective storage case for your bow. The internal length of the case is 43” which means it is easily large enough to fit any hunting bow being made today.

There is plenty of storage space along with the bow compartment with full length zippered pockets on the front and back walls. There is plenty of room for an arrow box in the lower front pocket and small accessories can be stowed away in the other pockets. The price range of this is at the high end and it can be seen why when you look at the quality of the construction.

Elevation Talon 46 Double Bow Case

The Talon 46 bow case is primarily designed to meet the needs of a competition archer who does a lot of traveling.

However, there is no reason why any bow hunter or 3D competitor can’t make excellent use of the features that are stacked into it.

Anyone looking for a case that will accommodate a longer axle to axle compound bow will find this to be ideal.

As well as having room for 2 rigs with internal dimensions within each bow storage compartment of 46″ x 18″ x 3″ there are plenty of pockets to hold other equipment.

The bow is nicely taken care of with string and cam cradles built in as well as bow tie-down locations and a semi-structured shell for added protection.

Pockets for stabilizers, both long and short, as well as a designated arrow pocket measuring 46″ x 10″ x 3″ means all of your gear will be stowed away safely and securely.

One of the pockets at the rear of the case accommodates full target faces which would be large enough to store a wide range of things such as clothing if you’d prefer.

On the exterior is a handle and shoulder strap to make carrying easy and the base has skid plates to ensure it is solid.

Note: If you only have a single bow and don't need the added space of a double bow case, the company also produces a Talon 46 for a single bow too. It comes with many of the features of the double but the MSRP is only $129.99. 

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Elevation Equipped website.

.30-06 Combat Rugged Bow Case

This bow case features a pair of internal compartments that allow for the storage of 2 compound bows. The 41 inch length of the case means that it is possible to contain most hunting compound bows on the market today.

The external features of the case are also quite impressive with two full-length zippers making access to the bows very easy. There are three storage pockets that can be closed by hardy zippers and are useful for containing small accessory items.

The external arrow storage pocket also provides an additional handy feature that adds to the strong selling points of the case. It can be carried using either the padded handle or shoulder strap.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a great quality soft double bow case to buy, this is the one to go for.

Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case

This is a high quality soft-sided bow case that was released during 2019 to provide archers with a versatile and extremely useful travel and storage case.

It features a compression-molded semi-rigid bottom to offer protection while it is used for transporting your bow. Underneath are smooth roller bearing wheels that allow it to be dragged, if you choose, or you can carry it using the padded handle.

As well as the tough and durable zippers to close the case, it is also reinforced with wide buckled straps to reinforce the entire structure.
The versatility of this case comes from the fact that it is suitable for use to hold either a compound bow or a recurve bow, both with the security that comes from the existence of a double seatbelt system that will properly anchor the bows down.

Further, the bow is built to a size that means it will carry a bow as well as your gear so that you only need to travel with a single case. It is really a hybrid soft/hard shell which offers your bows complete all round protection.

This case is available in a choice of two sizes: 36”L x 15 “W x 9” H, and 39”L x 15”W x 9”H to accommodate different sized bows.

Tarantula Supreme Bow Case 

The Tarantula brand is marketed under the Sportsman's Outdoor Products umbrella and the brand has successfully produced high quality archery products for a very affordable price.

The Supreme bow case is no exception. It has been designed so that either older compound bows and the newer parallel limb compound bows will all fit comfortably.

The Supreme is the type of soft sided bow case that the serious hunter on a budget is going to love. It costs under $50, it is well padded and it’s large enough to store any hunting bow and could be considered to be the best bow case for the money.

It also has plenty of accessory storage space with an arrow pocket plus four smaller accessory pockets, all of which are zipper closed. The bow is held in place with a gear strap so it won’t move around while it is being transported.

Tenzing TZ SB39 Hybrid Bow Case

A water resistant soft bow case is a very handy piece of equipment and the Tenzing SB39 gives you that in a very stylish looking outer shell. The padding inside is 1" thick and the back panel is impact resistant for maximum bow protection. The bow has been designed to be large enough to fit the modern compound bows and it also features two small mesh zippered pockets to allow the storage of accessories. This particular bow case sits towards the top of the price range with an MSRP of $149.99.

Tarantula Deluxe Bow Case with Tackle Box

This is a very high quality bow case that has been designed to fit all of the modern parallel limb bows as well as the older style bows.

There is an internal flap in the case that secures the bow so that it is held in place.

There is also a large internal pocket to store gear and an external pocket for arrow storage.

An additional smaller external pocket is also built into the front of the case that contains a small tackle box which comes with the case.

For around $60.00 this is a great value soft bow case.

30-06 Outdoors Bloodline Signature Series Bow Case

This is a soft bow case that has been loaded with a heap of storage options to go with ample space to provide plenty of protection for your compound bow.

In fact, it has 2 main storage compartments which means it is large enough to carry two bows.

Smaller items can be safely stored and transported in the pockets that can be found at various points around the case. The fact that there are 7 storage compartments on the outside of the case means you have plenty of alternatives for holding small items.

In total, the case has a carrying capacity of 5080 cubic inches and the material is a high density material that helps keep the case water resistant.

Allen Gear Fit Pro Bow Case

This is a case that measures 40 inches in length and, according to the manufacturer, can comfortably fit bows up to 34 inches in length. As well as being nicely padded enough to provide plenty of protection for your bow the case consists of seven more pockets. One of these is an arrow pocket that measures 34". The pockets and the main compartment of the case are all closed with zippers making it a terrific all-purpose hunting bow case.

The handle is nicely padded to make it extremely comfortable to carry. Although the MSRP is $72.00 there are some amazing discounts available if you look around.

Lakewood Products Single Bow Case 45"

Is it a soft bow case or is it a hard bow case. The company refers to their bow cases as soft-sided hard cases, so it sort of fits here in the soft bow case list. This particular case is the 45 inch case which is suited for carrying and storing compound bows that measure up to 43-3/4” in length.

The case is a top-loading case and the bow stands vertically, nestled in foam padding for protection. It is easy to store and retrieve the bow in this particularly configuration. The sides of the case are made from durable ABS plastic and are tough enough to accept any bumps and knocks you can give it.

As well as room for storing a long compound bow the case is also capable of holding up to 18 arrows as well as other items of gear and equipment. The case comes with a shoulder strap so that it can be slung and carried.

Allen Gear Fit X Bow Case

This is a terrific bow case that falls almost squarely in the middle of the price range of the cases in this list. At around $70 it represents great value for money considering what it offers. The interior is lined suede for a soft finish and the walls are well padded to protect the bow from knocks. Straps have been included, not only to secure the bow but also to secure your arrows too. The exterior has been furnished with 10 pockets that are either closed with zips or flaps and will be able to take any number of smaller items and accessories.

.30-06 Outdoors Premium Parallel Limb Bow Case

A straightforward bow case, this has been designed to fit the modern parallel limb compound bows. The case measures 41 inches in length and comes with a 32 inch arrow pocket along with an accessories pouch measuring 8 inches x 8 inches. The price is one of the big attractions with this case at a recommended $49.95.

Outdoor Mountain Products Compound Bow Case

This is a small bow case that is suited for short-framed compound bows such as those designed for female and younger archers. The case only measures 36" so you can take a couple of inches off that to get the potential internal storage space. The case doesn't come with any additional features such as pockets so you won't be able to easily store small items with the bow. The handles are on the larger side making it comfortable to carry. The price of under $40 reflects the more basic style.

Plano Soft Sided Bow Case

The Plano Soft Sided bow case comes in a number of different sizes from a length of 37 inches out to 44 inches. You can choose the one that best suits the type of compound bow you wish to store. The case protects the bow with a layer of high density foam. It includes a zippered pocket that will hold an arrow case as well as two mesh pockets and a third small pocket, all of them closed with zippers. Although the MSRP for this bow case is around $115 it is possible to get it for around $80 making it even greater value for money.

Points To Consider When Deciding to Buy A Soft Compound Bow Case

You don’t want to rush straight into buying a compound bow case. Seemingly unimportant factors can make a big difference in your decision making process.

Match Your Bow Case To Your Bow

Take into consideration the type of bow that you have before you set your heart on a particular case. This might seem like an obvious point but the fact is that some bow cases are designed specifically for parallel limb compound bows, others are shorter and won’t be suitable for a target bow.

Do you like to leave your quiver attached to your bow? This will be important when it comes to choosing a soft bow case or a hard bow case.

Are You Storing Or Travelling With Your Bow?

What do you expect to get out of your bow case while your bow is in storage? If the primary reason for finding storage for you bow is to provide a safe place for it to sit while you travel from home to the range then the soft compound bow case is a great option.
If, however, you expect that there is a good chance that your bow case is going to come into some pretty sharp contact – with other people, with bumps during transport or with rough weather – then perhaps you should reconsider the soft bow case option and look for a sturdier hard bow case.

Air Travel And Your Bow Case

Travelling by air can be particularly tough on your bow case as well as the contents stored within. Baggage handlers are responsible for moving a huge amount of luggage in a short space of time and are not going to go out of their way to be careful with a soft bow case.

People have reported having few problems when using soft compound bow cases on planes, but there have also been some poor results. When travelling by air it is recommended that you use an airline approved bow case. If anything, it will give you greater peace of mind.

Consider Your Archery Accessories

A bow case does not only carry your compound bow. Plenty of accessories are inevitably required with you bow. Being able to store all of these extras in the pockets of your bow case is a big bonus.

Soft bow cases such as the Legend Archery bow case are perfect for the person who also takes large amounts of archery accessories with them. Look for a soft bow case that provides a few different compartments and pockets to keep everything separated and in their own spot.

Storing A Compound Bow

Here we are talking about putting your bow away when the season is over with the expectation that it will be safe and protected over the months of non-use.

Many people like to hang their bows vertically on rubber covered hooks or racks, displaying them like pots and pans in a chef’s kitchen. An alternative is to place them horizontally on a high shelf in a closet.

To ensure the bows are dust-free and away from curious eyes (as well as young fingers) it is a good idea to do your long-term storage by putting the bows into soft bow cases.

One of the nice things about using soft bow cases is that they make the perfect low-cost method of storing your compound bow out of season.

These cases are designed to offer all of the protection that a hard case might offer thanks to the padded interior and durable exterior.

This means that you can go ahead and store your compound bow within the home, safe in the knowledge that it will be ready to pick up and take out at the start of the next season with minimal tuning and preparation.

Add Bow Case Accessories

Once you have bought your bow case you may find that there are more possible ways of storing your archery equipment. You've got your compound bow sorted but putting everything together in the one case means you'll have to find a solution for your arrows and smaller accessories and parts.

Archery Accessory Case

Once you have bought your bow case you may find that there are more possible ways of storing your archery equipment.

You've got your compound bow sorted but putting everything together in the one case means you'll have to find a solution for your arrows and smaller accessories and parts.

A good bow accessories case will be flat enough to slip into a soft bow case, will be big enough to hold a reasonable number of different small items, will be compartmentalized to keep everything apart and will be hard enough to provide protection.

It is possible to buy one of these good quality cases for around $30.00 and they can be added to the contents of your bow case without fear of damaging the other items such as your compound bow.

Arrow Holders

The majority of top quality bow cases come with arrow holders built into the wall of the case. They are most commonly found built into the lids of hard bow cases but they are not unheard of in soft cases.

It is possible to carry 6 or 12 arrows with your bow, securely held by the arrow grippers that ensure the arrows won’t move around in transit.

Arrow Cases

When it is simply not possible to add arrow grippers to the bow case you may go for the alternative solution of buying an arrow case. This is particularly useful for owners of soft bow cases because an arrow case capable of holding up to 12 arrows won’t take up a lot of room and will provide good solid protection for your arrows.

Not to mention the fact that they will be stored in an ordered way that will make them easy to access when you’ve finished your journey.

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