The advantage of shooting from an elevated position is the preferred hunting option of many deer hunters these days. The tree stand, either a lightweight climbing stand or a hang-on stand, is the more portable choice that allows the hunter to quickly set up on a desirable tree. But there is another way to get a height advantage and that is with an elevated blind or a tower blind.

A tower stand is a platform or enclosed blind placed from between 6 and 25 feet above the ground. The concept stems from the belief that deer do not look up and so, are less likely to detect the hunter. While this is not true – deer do actually look up – you are less likely to be seen, particularly if the stand is camouflaged or screened.

But as can be seen by the WesTex Fiberglass Blind that is pictured here, you can get yourself nicely positioned and protected away from the elements as you wait for the game to wander by.

Reasons To Use An Elevated Deer Blind

There are a number of advantages for using an elevated stand:

  • You can see farther beyond the underbrush from the elevated position

  • Human scent may disperse more quickly and won’t contaminate the hunting area

  • A good deer stand is roomier than a treestand

  • You will be more comfortable in a deer stand and can sit for longer periods of time

  • The deer stand is a safer place to climb into and sit

A permanently placed elevated deer blind becomes part of the landscape as far as the deer are concerned. They eventually accept its existence in their surroundings and will give you access to a lot of deer when placed in areas of high activity.

There is a wide range of box blind towers in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as elevated deer stands for sale.

They offer the hunter an option that is easy to set up and will last for a long time. They also offer the hunter a higher degree of comfort and protection from the elements than, say, a tree stand.

If you have a location where a permanent or semi-permanent elevated blind can be placed you should take the opportunity and set one up.

Selection of Popular Types of Elevated Deer Blinds

Listed below are some of the most popular elevated deer blinds that are being bought these days. As well as the brief description in which you'll get an idea of size and any special features that may come with the blind there is also a link to the product for even more details.

Rivers Edge Landmark 450 Permanent Hunting Blind Tower

This is a steel tubed construction that has been built to offer the most sturdy and stable tower possible. It has been reinforced with cross-bracing as well as handrails that sit at the ladder as well as the landing.

The tower measures 10’ in height and accommodates the Landmark 450 Permanent Blind. This blind measures 55” x 55” and is 7’ high. (Also available is the Landmark 600 Permanent Blind measuring 72” x 72”).

The blind has a steel frame that is covered by a heavy duty Marine-Grade Reinforced Synthetic Tarpaulin. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions year round as is built to sit in place permanently without deteriorating.

Find out more about all of the products available from the company by visiting the Rivers Edge website.

SmithWorks Outdoors ComfortQuest Blind

This is a tall blind that measures 6' 6" tall which is high enough for most people to stand comfortably in. It measures 4’ x 6’ and will install on any platform of this size.

It has a sturdy but lightweight frame that will provide you with a strong platform and around that is a heavy-duty flame retardant fabric which is 600 Denier coated polyester, constructed with double stitched seams and genuine YKK zippers and designed so that it will hold up through the harshest of elements. 

The windows open completely and offer you a wide field of view and can be configured in a number of different ways.

Find out more about this product and all of the products offered by the company by visiting the Smithworks Outdoors website.

Hughes Enforcer HP-67000 Hunting Box Blind

This is a particularly well made elevated blind from a company that specializes in these types of boxes. The blind is made from vacuum-formed polyethylene that is tough and durable and won't need any maintenance once it has been put in place. 

The dimensions of the blind are generous at 48" x 49" and a height of 74.5" tall. Entry is gained via the half door and it is lockable. It is also possible to add clear plexiglass windows which are available in kit form.

With this particular blind it will also be necessary to purchase a stand to give it the elevation, otherwise it may be used simply as a ground blind. The company offers a 10’ tower separately that will accommodate this blind.

This particular blind (without the stand) has an MSRP of $600.00.

For more information about this and all of the products from the company you can visit the Hughes Products website.

FormEx Snap Lock Portable Deer Blind

This is a light weight plastic walled blind that is designed to be placed on an elevated platform (which must be purchased separately). It has all purpose mounting strips that help attach the blind to the platform.

The box itself comes with an integral door with molded hinges as well as window cut-outs which can be glassed in using a window kit which is also available from the company.

The walls of the blind are doubled up to give insulation for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. This design also means the walls of the blind have additional strength. 

Assembly can be completed within 15 minutes.

The dimensions of this model of the blind are 48” x 72” x 78” giving you ample room. If you prefer a smaller option, there is also a model that measures 48” x 48” x 78”.

The 4x6 blind has an MSRP of $785.00.

More information about the blinds and associated accessories can be found by visiting the Snap Lock Hunting Blinds website.

AWS (Atascosa Wildlife Supply) Deer Blinds

This Texas-based company constructs and delivers high quality deer blinds and towers. These blinds and towers are available in a range of sizes and heights to suit whatever hunting location you will be using.

The blinds themselves are made in sizes starting at 5’ x 5’ and then stepping up in size to 5’ x 7’, 5’ x 9’ and then their largest blinds measuring 10’ x 10’.

Also available is a range of tower heights starting from a low of only 4’ up to larger towers of 20’.

The blinds are particularly sturdy with metal used in the construction of the blind and glass windows that are aluminum framed. The walls are insulated with 2” #2 heavy foam and the door is lockable. It is further soundproofed by carpet of the floors and walls.

Fiberglass Deer Blind Manufacturers

The most permanent types of tower blinds available are those that are made from fiberglass. They are usually designed complete with windows and lockable doors and are often insulated and carpeted to provide as much comfort for the hunter as possible.

These blinds are built to withstand the harsher weather conditions. They are becoming more and more affordable but they will require some forward planning to ensure they are positioned properly and are supported sturdily.

We have put together a list of manufacturers who have developed strong reputations for the quality of the blind construction and the service they provide their customers.

You will find a summary of the blind sizes available from each manufacturer as well as the various tower height choices where appropriate.

Dillon Manufacturing

6' x 8' Classic Blind

Tower with Porch

Dillon Manufacturing makes a range of fiberglass hunting box blinds that come as completely assembled one-piece units. The company also offers a couple of types of tower stands that can also be bought separately.

You can find blinds that are either box shaped or hexagonal.

The deer blind towers come with either a ladder or staircase for access depending on the tower height.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 4’

4’ x 6’​

5.5’ x 5.5’​

6’ x 8’

Tower heights available

5' or 10'

Big Country Blinds

5' x 6' Combo Blind

This Texas-based company produces a range of fiberglass deer blinds that come with a lockable door, rain guards and slide up windows.

They also manufacture 5’ or 10’ tower blind stands to be used with the blinds.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 4’​

4’ x 6’​

5’ x 6’​

5’ x 7’

Tower heights available

5' or 10'

Dixie Deer Blinds

4' x 6' Deer Blind

Wood Tower

This Mississippi based company produces a range of hunting blinds that are made from fiberglass and are designed with the comfort of the hunter in mind.

Included in the range is a hex blind to give all round access as well as larger blinds that will cater to multiple hunters. 

Towers are also available in kit form made from either kiln dried lumber or steel.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 4’​

4’ x 6’​

7’ (hex)​

5’ x 8’​

6’ x 10’

Tower heights available

6', 8' or 10'

Westex Hunting Supply

4' x 6' Sixshooter Blind

Westex Steel produces blinds made from fiberglass, aluminum and polyethylene. They are available in both rectangular and hexagonal shapes.

The fiberglass and aluminum blinds can be bought as just the blind or along with a tower which is available in 5’, 10’ or 15’ heights. The polyethylene, known as The Blynd, is available as a blind only.

Blind sizes available

fiberglass: 4’ x 5’​

                   4’ x 6’

                   6’ x 6’

                   6’ x 8’; 

aluminum: 4’ x 6’

                    6’ x 6’​

                    6’ x 8’​

                    6’ x 10’​

                    8’ x 8’; 

plastic:       4’ x 4’

                    4’ x 8’

Tower heights available

5', 10' or 15'

T Box Deer Blinds

4' x 6' Deer Blind and Stand

The T Box deer blinds are constructed from single piece molded fiberglass and are waterproof and windproof. They are also insulated with 3/4" thick foam walls inside and out.

The company also produces specific bow blinds that have been designed with vertical windows that will accommodate shots taken from a bow.

All blinds from the company consist of the box only and require that a tower be purchased (and sourced) separately.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 4’​

4’ x 6’​

4’ x 8’

Tower heights available


Company website:

Boss Game Systems

4' x 6' Rifle Hunting Blind

6' x 6' Archery Hunting Blind

The company has a range of fiberglass rifle hunting blinds and archery hunting blinds available in either a green or Realtree camo depending on your preferences. 

They are built with sliding glass windows and are available as simple rectangular boxes or in hex shape for a wider range of directional access. 

As well as the standard sizes listed below the company will also provide customized blind sizes that are made to order.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 6’​

5’ x 7’​

6’ x 8’​

7’ x 10’​

6’ x 6’

Tower heights available

4', 8', 12'

Texas Deer Stands

4' x 6' Deer Stand

Citadel Archery Blind

The blinds made by Texas Deer Stands are made from single piece fiberglass to ensure there are no seams ensuring they are completely sealed and immune from deterioration. You can get them with or without interior carpet. 

The company also builds a choice of towers that fit their range of blinds and they are built with staircases for the easiest and safest access possible.

Blind sizes available

4’ x 4’​

4’ x 6’​

5’ x 6’​

5’ x 8’​

8’ x 8’

Tower heights available

5', 10'

Company website: ​​

With a certain amount of desperation to make hunting accessories as light as possible it is refreshing to find that it is still possible to buy deer blinds that are more solid.

It may take some effort to get some of the larger fiberglass deer blinds into place but there is no doubt that the level of comfort inside these stands is very high.

Stick a comfortable hunting chair or two inside as well as one or two other luxury items and you are well set up for an extended hunting session, protected from the elements.

Hunters who are looking for other options when it comes to deer blinds for sale can also take a look at our review of a selection of Ground Blinds For Deer Hunting

We have also put together an article that aims at providing the hunter who is new to hunting out of a ground blind as many useful tips as possible in our Ultimate Guide to Hunting From A Ground Blind.

If you hunt in an area where there are plenty of trees and you prefer the option of using an elevated stand that is more portable you might prefer a Climbing Treestand or a Hang-On Treestand.


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