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Successful treestand hunting requires that you conceal your silhouette. The strategy tilts the odds of a successful hunt to your favor.

Silhouette breaking or concealment is essential because it allows you to hunt undetected. It is the best way to remain unnoticeable while still maintaining a level of visibility.

Image: Mossy Oak

A deer detects hunters by the sound, scent, or contrast between their outline and the surrounding environment. If you expose your outline, it will allow the deer to detect your presence and reduce the chances of a perfect shot.

Remaining exposed in your treestand will very likely deter deer from wandering within your hunting setup, and any noticeable movement will spook them.

This article will help you identify the best methods of concealing your human outline while standing or sitting on a treestand.

Be Careful With Your Movement

If you get busted because of your movement in the tree stand, then you are moving too fast and at the wrong times. Hanging in a tree stand concealment is like the two-lane highway of camouflage.

You can go at different speeds and still be fine, but if you break your speed limits or cross into oncoming traffic, it will cause confusion and eventually get busted.

If you are moving slowly enough to appear stationary when viewed from a distance, you should be fine. When in doubt, slow down! I prefer to move slowly enough so that it looks like I am sitting still.

If you move too fast and your outline is broken, the deer will see movement and become spooked. This can be a significant problem as it could make them leave your setup area. If you do not know how fast you should move, consider using binoculars to monitor the surrounding areas before moving from your tree stand location.

Note that it is vital to know your surroundings better and when you can and can't move.

Stand Placement

One of the strategic advantages you can build for yourself is to try to position your treestand with the sun behind you.

By doing this, you will be assured of a clear vision, whereas the sun’s glare will distort the deer’s vision.

This will give you the opportunity of getting a perfect shot. When the sun is behind you, less light hits your face and clothing, which reduces game-spooking glare.

Before setting up your tree stand, it's important that you understand the movement of the deer and the direction they will appear.

You can then strategically place your tree stand in the perfect location behind the tree trunk. The tree trunk will properly conceal you, and this will also ensure you make minimal movements when executing a shot.

It helps to ensure that you choose a wider tree trunk than your silhouette at stand height. Your outline will be perfectly concealed by the tree trunk, especially from behind, and straight shots.

However, this may not help you with side angles. That is where you improvise with blinds, camouflage, or even background branches or leaves cover.

If possible you should be looking for a group of trees to place your tree stand and, while you need to ensure you’ve got good shooting lanes, try to position yourself somewhere in the middle.

This will not only help in concealing your movements, but this will prevent exposing your silhouette to the skyline behind you.

If you do not have sufficient cover in your intended hunting spot, then it helps to place your stand higher up in the tree reasonably.

However, do not go higher than 25 feet, as this could affect your shooting angle. You should only place your stand much lower when there is sufficient cover.

Brushing Your Treestand

Brushing is the process of adding concealment to your tree stand and blending in with the surrounding environment. It helps to camouflage your location. You can use branches, twigs, brushes, or any other improvised materials to conceal your silhouette when you place your tree stand.

You just need to weave these materials in and out of your tree stand. To further improve your cover, you should also add such natural camouflage to neighboring branches. However, remember not to overdo this, as it could work against you.

Nowadays, you can purchase affordable plastic branch holders that clip onto the limbs of your tree stand and straps that hold them in place. They make it very easy to brush your frame.

DIY Blind

If you don’t have trees to provide cover when setting up your tree stand, you’re option may be to make a DIY blind. Building your own blind will help you to remain undetected as you hunt for deer.

As illustrated below, you can build one using simple and inexpensive materials such as 1x4 boards and cardboard boxes:

  • Start by cutting out the opening of the box.
  • Cut and fold a large piece of cardboard to cover your space.
  • Cover the cardboard with a piece of 1x4 board and secure it in place using nails.
  • Add additional boards as needed to keep your blind from falling over or blowing away.
  • Finally, add a camouflage cover to the outside of your blind.

It helps to elevate your blind off the ground, as this will give you a clear vantage point and a great shooting angle.

Bottom Line

Breaking your outline is essential for every successful deer hunt. It is the only way you can ensure that you remain undetected while you observe and strategize for that perfect shot.

It is important that you select a perfect location to place your treestand, whereby you have sufficient background cover.

Using camouflage while brushing your tree stand will ensure that you conceal your human profile further and are in for a successful hunt.

Remember to always watch out for your treestand placement and always have the sun behind you, which will ensure that the sun’s glare always distorts the deer’s vision towards you.

When you are disadvantaged in terms of background cover, just make your own DIY blind.

This will play a big part in having a successful hunting day.

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