Shooting on 3D targets provides the archer with a more unique experience with scoring rings in vitals zones to provide more realistic hunting training.

But there are ways to make your practice session a little more fun than just aiming at your standard deer, elk or small varmint critters.

It’s possible to find 3D targets that represent some of the more unusual targets you’re unlikely to stumble across when you’re out in the field.

So, just for fun, here are a few of the more offbeat archery targets around that may tickle your fancy.

Rinehart Targets Velociraptor Target

Thanks to the whole Jurassic Park franchise we all know what a velociraptor is.

We know that it’s quick and it’s dangerous. But it can also make a great target that will appeal to younger archers as well as adults.

Made by Rinehart Targets you can be assured that it is a quality 3D target that will take a great many number of arrows.

It’s a good sized target measuring 4’6” high, 8’6” long and weighing in at a hefty 300 lb.

The price of the target is also a hefty one, setting you back around $725.

Delta McKenzie Undead Fred Zombie Target

There will no longer be any reason to fear the walking dead after you’ve had the experience of placing a few well-chosen shots into Undead Fred.

This is a lightweight target that forms part of Delta McKenzie’s Backyard 3D target range. It is tough and durable but easy to more and reposition.

The target is made from self-healing foam giving it a good potential lifespan and it will also give up the arrows willingly.

It is priced at $131.99 from Delta McKenzie Target.

Rinehart Targets Sasquatch Target

This is a big beauty that has been a hit from the moment it was unearthed at the 2018 ATA Show.

The Sasquatch is another 3D target from Rinehart Targets and it has been scrupulously sculpted and colored to closely resemble the real thing!

Made with Rinehart's self-healing, UV-resistant foam that allows for easy arrow removal, the target will withstand many years of target practice.

Which is just as well because this rare find costs $3,750…if you know where to look.

Aussie Targets Tasmanian Tiger Archery Target

Every few years we hear reports of a potential Tasmanian tiger sighting.

Difficult as it is to believe, could it be possible that the sighting was actually an archery target. Even more troubling would be if it wasn’t and it was pierced multiple times with arrows.

The target is made by Aussie Targets and is made to real-life scale…if the Tasmanian Tiger were alive today.

It boasts a strong and sturdy base and would make a great, unique target for the backyard.

It weighs in at 16kg (35 lb) and costs $499 AUD.

Rinehart Targets Jackalope Archery Target

Can’t decide between a deer target and a rabbit target. Why not go for the infamous Jackalope – the cross between the two.

This is another target made by Rinehart Targets and it is built with the same high quality as the company’s other targets.

The self-healing foam means it will last through numerous practice sessions and the arrows can be removed easily with a minimum of effort.

The Jackalope is notoriously difficult to find in the wild but it may be possible to buy one for around $260.

Aussie Targets Dodo Archery Target

This particular Dodo target comes from Aussie Targets and provides another unique archery target that puts a bit of whimsy into target practice.

The shape of the target provides a nice fat aiming area in the center that ensures it will provide a long lifespan. The wings are nicely highlighted to offer a highly visible target on 2 faces.

It measures around 5’ high x 3’ wide and 4’ long and weighs around 18 lbs.

The target is available at a cost of $199 AUD from Aussie Targets.

In fact, there are as many different types of targets to discover as your imagination can come up with.

The point of all of this is to highlight the fact that even though you might only ever hunt deer or elk, you don’t have to limit yourself to a 3D deer target.

Making practice a little more fun is worthwhile. It will certainly get the kids interested.

And the simple act of aiming at a target that looks a little different to what you’re used to seeing can be a refreshing change.


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