Just because you need to wear rubber hunting boots doesn't mean your feet have to be subjected to the cold. 

In fact, there is a good selection of rubber hunting boots that offer plenty of insulation and warmth for the feet. 

One of the trade-offs that we might experience with highly insulated rubber boots is that they can become moist inside from a build-up of sweat. 

The more recently released models, and certainly those at the top of the market, have incorporated technology to mitigate this. So we are seeing a significant improvement in these types of hunting boots.

One thing you can be sure about when you buy rubber hunting boots is that they are going to be waterproof. 

The addition of insulated liners into the boots means that they will be capable of retaining warmth at the lowest of temperatures.

Browse through the selection of what we have found to be among the warmest and most comfortable rubber insulated hunting boots available today. 

We have included the range of sizes, the boot heights and the technology that has been used in achieving the insulation and listed them in our rubber hunting boots comparison table. 

Note that the listed price is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price which is usually higher than the prices that they can usually be found.

Comparison List of Warm Rubber Hunting Boots

Make / Model







Rubber over




5mm CR Flex Foam
& Thermal Foam




7mm Neoprene
& Fleece




2mm Natural Rubber
& Insu-Foam Ultra




Vulcanized Rubber &

800g PrimaLoft




Polar Rubber &
8 layer insulation


Details of Warm Rubber Hunting Boots

Now that we have had the benefit of viewing a selection of warm rubber hunting boots side by side against each other with some basic details displayed, features that are available can be easily seen along with the recommended price of each. 

Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each. 

Take a closer look at the rubber hunting boots reviews that are presented below.

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600G Hunting Boots

Not only is the Alphaburly Pro a hunting boot that offers incredible warmth for a rubber boot, it is also the premium model hunting boot in the Lacrosse range. It has been made with scent free rubber and neoprene which gives it insulation qualities. This combination also helps to make the boot more durable and flexible.

In this case the boot is equipped with 1600 gram Thinsulate Ultra which provides enough warmth to categorize the model as suitable for Arctic conditions. So that the feet are kept comfortable there is also a jersey knit liner that wicks moisture and dries fast. The mid-sole is cushioned by an EVA mid-sole that is both comfortable and supporting for the foot.

The out-sole of the shoe is designed with a unique tread pattern that is made for greater traction in the mud or snow. It has specialized chamfered edges will allow movement at top pace.

The boots are available with a choice of patterned exteriors. You can get them with the Sitka Optifade Marsh pattern or the Realtree Xtra pattern.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Lacrosse Footwear website.

Muck Boots Woody Max Hunting Boots

The Woody Max has been designated a cold-conditions hunting boot and this is in evidence by the fleece lining that has been used in the tops of the boots.

The top of the boots are Stretch-fit so that it is kept snug to the calf so that the warmth is kept in and the cold is kept out.

The boots also feature 5mm CR flex-foam booties with four-way stretch nylon that makes them 100% waterproof.

Also added to the instep area is a 2mm thermal foam underlay that offers extra warmth and an EVA molded midsole with a contoured footbed ensures comfort is complete.

The bottom of the boots feature an MS-1 molded pattern that is rugged and capable of providing significant stability on a base that is durable and hard-wearing.

The boots are available in medium width with sizes ranging 5 – 15 in whole sizes.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Muck Boots website.

LaCrosse Alpha Thermal Hunting Boots

The Alpha Thermal boots have been a part of the LaCrosse line-up for quite some time now and have proven to be comfortable and warm in damp conditions. 

The interior design of the boots uses 7mm of insulating neoprene along with a fleece lining. It is a combination that will provide your feet with comfort while walking through snow and ice conditions.

The neoprene gusset in the boots not only helps slide the boots on and off, it provides a durable internal sleeve and will accommodate a range of different calf sizes.

The boots are designed to offer complete waterproof protection and provide plenty of flexibility to allow easy movement as you walk around. Stability is provided by a nylon shank and it features a removable polyurethane footbed.

The boots are available in medium width with sizes ranging 7 – 16 in whole sizes.

The boots are built with an Antarctic outsole that is specifically designed to handle snow conditions.

They have a rugged, multi-dimensional lug pattern so that you won’t be slipping all over the place in slippery conditions.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the LaCrosse Footwear website.

Grubs Treeline 8.5 Camo Boots

The Treeline Wellington boots are considered to be made using the best technology of any boot in the Grubs line.

It has been created to provide the ultimate in warmth and comfort while also being built for any type of activity.

As far as the features go, the boots are encased in a 2mm rubber shell. Inside is an Insu-Foam Ultra lining which is a polyester fleece lining that uses the warmth of the Grub’s HighLoft liner.

Around the foot is a removable 6mm Nitrocell footbed which is essentially a nitrogen bubble that insulates and cushions the foot.

Moisture control is supplied by the inclusion of a Super-Dri lining.

The bottoms of the boots feature the Vibram Multi-Sport outsole that contains a shock absorbing Duralite lightweight midsole. Extra protection is provided by Hard Toe technology.

As can be seen from all of the different areas that have been built with technological features, every effort has been made to make this a hunting boot built for all types of adverse weather conditions. 

It is particularly warm for the feet and the comfort of the wearer is paramount.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Grubs Boots website.

Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0 Hunting Boots

The Rutmaster 2.0 is a warm rubber hunting boot that was designed for bowhunting.

It is built to be worn in a treestand and the insulation that has been used will ensure the feet stay warm through the long hours sitting exposed up in the elements.

The boots are insulated by 800 gram PrimaLoft Gold which is a low-bulk material made from recycled fibers made from plastic bottles. It is effective at capturing and retaining body heat and will keep feet warm in both dry and wet conditions.

The boots also feature patent pending ExoFlex technology which makes it easy to pull on. Once you’ve got it on it will contract for a snug fit and will allow freedom of movement.

The outsole has been engineered using the Mud Claw RPM sole and this will allow for outstanding traction and stability to leave you sure-footed when covering the ground to the deer stand. The boots have also been given a ScentBan treatment which has been added to kill odor creating bacteria.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Irish Setter website.

Baffin Trapper Winter Boots

These rubber boots have been designed to deal with the coldest of Canadian winter conditions and that means they will be suitable for just about the worst that can be thrown at them.

They are a durable rubber boot that will stand up to rough terrain and will provide absolute protection for the feet.

On the inside the boots feature an 8 layer removable liner boot system that is capable of insulating down to a -76F rating.

At the top of the boots is a camo-patterned waterproof nylon cuff that has an adjustable pull-cord to secure a snug fit around the legs.

These winter boots are large and comfortable and are suited for activities such as ice fishing or spending long hours in a blind.

They will keep the feet warm and dry and will extend the time you can spend out in the field.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Baffin website.

It may be difficult to believe that rubber boots can provide sufficient warmth for standing around for long hours while the feet remain comfortable.

But the boots that have been described above provide exactly that service and represent the warmest and most comfortable rubber hunting boots for men currently on the market.

Advantages Of Wearing Rubber Hunting Boots

As well as providing excellent insulating properties, there are a number of advantages a hunter will get from wearing rubber hunting boots compared to boots made from synthetic or leather material.

  • Comfort. The very best rubber hunting boots are soft and flexible and extremely comfortable to move around in. They can also be lightweight and this means you can wear them all day without becoming tired. It is possible to do a great deal of walking in good quality rubber boots.

  • Scent Control. Rubber boots are able to mask your scent because they completely block out anything from passing through. Other materials are more difficult to hide and require far more effort to remove or mask the smell from.

  • All Season. Rubber boots can be used year round in all types of conditions. Although their specialty is for use when it is wet and boggy underfoot, they will also remain comfortable and wearable in warmer conditions.

What To Look For When Buying Rubber Hunting Boots

There are a number of factors that are considered to be very important when buying rubber hunting boots, particularly when you are looking for the best rubber hunting boots for cold weather conditions.

A good pair of boots is going to be expensive so you should weigh up your options and try to work out which are the factors you feel are the most important.


This article is primarily about finding the warmest rubber hunting boots and while it does not necessarily mean the best insulation, it does assume the insulation is high quality.

When you browse through the different options available you will notice that the insulation is discussed in terms of its weight in grams. The greater the insulation, the heavier it will be, because this also means that the insulation will be thicker.

Rubber acts as a very effective heat insulator, so it is already off to a good start in the job it will do in keeping your feet warm.

The next key to the puzzle lies in the insulated lining that sits inside the boot.

The most effective insulation will not only keep the feet warm by retaining the heat but will also help in keeping the feet dry by removing any moisture and keeping it away from the skin.


The type of terrain and weather conditions that the majority of your hunting trips will take place might heavily involve water.

This might be water underfoot or from the sky. In either case, wearing rubber boots for hunting is going to play heavily into the waterproof wheelhouse.

The exterior surface of these types of boots will perform extremely well in wet conditions and are designed for exactly the purpose of providing you with a waterproof protective layer for the feet.

Rubber boots that will remain waterproof must feature 2 characteristics:

1) The tops of the boots should fit snugly against the legs so that water cannot run down the inside and into the lining, and

2) the boots should be high enough to avoid allowing water to overflow the tops and infiltrate the interior.

Some boots are better at ticking these 2 points than others. A good example of a boot that provides both a snug fit as well as plenty of height is the Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0 Hunting Boot as do the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro Boots.

Height and Weight

Following on from the last point, the height of the hunting boots you wear is very important and can be influenced by the type of hunting you do.

If you are planning on walking through extremely waterlogged patches of land you will need higher profile boots.

If, however, you expect to be covering a lot of distance on your feet, you may prefer the boots to be shorter to help with mobility.

Another factor that becomes important is the weight of the boots.

The higher the profile of the boots, the more rubber goes into the construction and the heavier the boots become.

Also, the more insulated the boots are, the heavier they will be.

Looking for a way of keeping your feet warm in the most severely cold weather. Take a look at our article about overboots for hunting.

A Final Word

A good point to remember too is that some hunting boots are designed specifically for walking while others are suited to sitting and waiting.

These could be classified as the best insulated rubber hunting boots are more suited to being less mobile in cold and wet conditions.

They will protect the toes from the inevitable chill that can seep in until complete discomfort is felt.

The main thing that the rubber hunting boots have over leather and nylon combos is their waterproof nature.

The exterior of these boots are brilliant at providing an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

The only cause for a slight hesitation is the possibility of the boots emitting a new rubber smell. However there are some very handy tips for removing the rubber smell that work a treat.

If you are going to be standing around for any length of time with water lapping at your ankles, any of these boots are the ones to use.

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